树莓派是种食物吗?处理图片只听过PS?Python只能输出hello world?人工智能需要学好数学吗?电机接上电就能转吗?
Is raspberry pi a kind of food? Have you only heard of PS when processing pictures? Python can only output hello world? Does learning artificial intelligence need to learn mathematics well? Can the motor rotate just by connecting it to electricity?
The winter camp  programming class will take everyone to see the world from the perspective of machines. The course uses the Raspberry Pi platform and uses Python to understand GPIO and electrical knowledge. Experience digital manufacturing and digital design. In-depth understanding of how machine vision OpenCV processes pictures and videos. The course also involves the basics of artificial intelligence, understand the logic behind the algorithm, and use TensorFlow and other technologies to design your own projects.
Programming can be fun! Play and learn, come to the winter camp to experience programming and gain happiness!