3D艺术与设计 【2021夏令营】






Have you ever created artworks by using 3D pen, Clay, Wire and 3D printing? Have you transformed your 2-D drawing to a 3-D sculpture? If you are interested in 3-D Art, please join the Suzhou Ulink Fablab Winter Camp.


Sculpture usually involve working in the round; this means working from different sides, angles and viewpoints when creating a piece of 3-D Art. The first two sections of the course cover the ideas and concepts of Cubism, abstract expressionism, futurism; the techniques and processes for sculpture include carving, modeling, building, constructing and assembling. Students will understand how they might test out ideas in 3-D and in the round and know how to transform the 2-D work to a sculpture. The last part will introduce how to recreate 3-D Art through the digital media, students will be able to experience the artistic creation that goes beyond a traditional way. The course is bilingual setting which can help our students not only use the practical techniques, but gain the knowledge of subject-specific language. The aim is to cultivate a process and ultimately showcase a student exhibition demonstrating the journey of artmaking from ideas to processes to finished pieces.