(本文摘录自2015年6月12日毕业典礼教师代表Mr B发言稿,全文有删节)



Being educated is a moral obligation. And I don't mean educated as in, "i'm good at math!" I mean educated in every sense of the word; knowledge about yourself, the world around you, the humanities, history, music, science, and the entire spectrum of human knowledge.  And because not one person could ever hope to master all these subjects, making education into a moral obligation will help you be a student for life. That's the first reason you should think about education in moral terms.

受教育是一项道德义务。接受教育不仅仅是指"我很擅长数学!"。我想表达的是教育在每个方面的意义; 跟你有关的知识、 你周围的世界、 人文、 历史、 音乐、 科学和人类世界所有知识。因为没有一个人能够掌握所有这些学科知识,让教育成为一种道德义务将帮助你成为一个在终生学习者。这就是你需要从道德角度去思考教育的第一原因。


But what is a moral obligation? A moral obligation is the sense of personal responsibility someone feels honor-bound to perform because of their personal beliefs and values. Having a sense of moral duty arises from ideas about right and wrong. These ideas are usually shaped by your culture, family and even peer pressure. Generally, people are not legally required to donate money to children with cancer, they just do, because they believe it is the right thing to do.

什么是道德义务呢?道德义务是一个人因为有了他自己的信念和价值,使他为自己的行为有荣誉感和责任感。这种道德责任感包括了一个人对正确和错误的认知。这些认知通常是由你的文化、 家庭甚至是来自同龄人的压力而形成的。一般来说,法律是不会强迫人们把钱捐给癌症患儿,但捐款的人这么做了,是因为他们相信这是正确的事。


I want to convince you that this calculus of doing the right thing already resides within you. To prove it to you I want to share something that happened yesterday in my physics class with two of my students; Bob and Steve.  I have changed the names of the students to protect their privacy. 

你要相信,这种做正确事情的决算已经扎根在你心里面了。为了证明这个,我想要跟你分享我的昨天物理课的故事; 我的两个学生Bob和Steve,为了保护学生的隐私,我更改了他们的名字。


To the chagrin of my Physics students I actually taught a lesson yesterday and even gave them a quiz. Chagrin means, NOT HAPPY!  So while my students were taking the quiz I was thinking about this speech and about how angry Mandy and Mickey would be if I didn't write it on time. So I took it upon myself to ask my students the following question:



Why is education important and what can Mr.Bdo to be a better teacher?



The number1 answer to what can Mr. B do to be a better teacher was "don't give so much homework!"



The number 2 answer to why is education important was "don't give so much homework!"



Then I read Bob's answer. Bob is not the best Physics student in my class and he is only about 16 years old. This was his answer to "why is education important?"



"Because it can teach me how to be a good human.  I am a student."



Now if that doesn't convince you that we have the best English teachers in Suzhou, I don't know what does.  He used the verb to be correctly!



That made my day. My day couldn't get any better after that. Then I read Steve's answer. Steve is one of the best academic students  inPhysics.



This was his answer to "What should Mr. B do to be a better teacher?"



"Please help my friend, Bob."



So, why is education a moral obligation? Because our perennial thirst for knowledge has benefitted all of mankind!  Think about it.




I want to leave you with some final thoughts.



You are the most privilegedChinese generation in the history of China. No one has had as many opportunities like the ones you have today.No one. Change is a constant in life. What is here today can be gone tomorrow. Don't waste it.



And to that end, here's some quick advice:



Don't keep so much distance between you and the people who are trying to help you! Come closer. Heed their advice. Seek their wisdom. You should talk to teachers more often. You do know they have experienced some level of success.Learn from them!



Be present in the NOW. If your nose is stuck on a cell phone all day, then your scenery never changes. Experience the moment. All we have as human beings is conversation. Put the phone down and engage others in conversation. The people of China have this beautiful ability to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. Don't lose that.



You’ll most likely fail. Often. But that’s part of life. Success will be determined by how you overcome and master your obstacles in life. Get up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward.  Take me for example. At the beginning of the year, I had this pipe dream that every student at Ulink would wear their uniform. That lasted for about a week.



Take care of your bodies!!! Do some exercise! Learn a sport and become good at it.



Have goals, but more importantly surround yourself with people who have goals!



And finally, honor your family! Everything you have. All the opportunities you have at your disposal is a reflection of their hard work. Honor them.



Good luck.