Ulink 2018-2019 Opening Ceremony& Club Fair|开学典礼暨社团招新






It's the Auditorium again,

which is the witness of both

beginning and ending.


新的寄语 New Wishes




Mr. Liang and Mr. Oriko had speeches at the beginning. They wanted to tell all the students that they should work hard and take challenges during the coming academic year and enjoy the life at Ulink.


学生会主席David Li也在开学典礼上进行了演讲,他用自己在学校成长的经历,激励新同学们不断努力,挑战自己,适应新的环境。


The President of Student Union, David Li, also gave a speech and encouraged new students using his own experience at Ulink College.


It is my honor today to stand here to give a welcoming speech to both fresh and old students. Welcome, to all of you to come to or come back to ULINK. This year is my last year to stay with Ulink. I want to say thank you to all teachers, they helped me a lot not only in studying but also in daily life, also thank you to all my friends, class mates and student union members, is my honor to be your friends. Then I want to give you few suggestions whatever you are IG students or AS students depends on my own four year experience in Ulink.


For new students. Please don’t be shy. Trust me, You are going to have a wide range choices of clubs next Wednesday so just try to explore anything that you may interested with as much as possible. It is a good chance for you to know about yourself better. You may find something you are good at or like that you have never tried before. Before I came to Ulink , I was a really shy boy and afraid of speaking in public but luckily I participated in the MUN club and then I became what I am today. So don’t lose this precious chance to improve and explore yourself ok? And also don’t be afraid to ask teachers questions.  Don’t let teachers come to ask you, go ask teachers, they all willing to help you. I hope you can always be passioned with exploring and getting knowledge.


For A2 students, you are the model now in School. So please be a positive model okay? I wish you all are able to respect every one around you no matter they are your teachers , friends or classmates. Because they will be one of your most precious memory in your life so make sure you keep it. And also guys, this is our last year, don’t leave any pity okay.


Finally, I want to thank you to all students, you all performed amazing these days and I believer all of you will be great in the future. I hope we can have a memorable time together. That’s nearly the end of speech. Ladies and gentlemen please let Ulink see your talent.


新生代表Cici Chen在全校师生面前讲述了她初入校园的体验与心路历程,并用自己的努力去激励更多还未适应的新同学。


The representative of new students, Cici Chen, talked about her new life at Ulink and told the other students just like her to be more confident.


新的挑战 New Challenges



新一届Video Challenge的组委Alex Jiang向新的老师和同学们介绍了VC的信念与理想,也让更多的人了解这样一个精彩绝伦的校园活动。


Alex Jiang, introduced Video Challegenge to the new teachers and students. He wanted more people to know about this fantastic school activity.


“Now here is a chance for you to find a new habit or show your talent. You can be a director to arrange everything or just be an actor to show your talent of acting. If you want to show your computer skill or the mind of imagination is ok as well, you can find your teammates to prepare from now.


“Why am I standing here to show you guys this fascinating activity,because Video Challenge is design for you.


“The stage is right here, but I don't know whether you have the courage to stand on this stage in front of your classmates and teachers, to show what you like. Here is Video Challenge, an activity to shoot a movie, to dig out your own talent, to combine learning and playing together. In the process you can improves yourselves and win the award.”



新的征程 New Journal


2018年6月剑桥考试中心CAIE(Cambridge Assessment International Education)全球统考及培生爱德思(Person Edexcel)考试中,我校学子再次获得优异成绩。


毕业班A2年级其中一个班级,A-level数学,A-level生物A率100%,A-level经济,A-level物理,A-level化学,A-level高数AB率100%。88%的同学在A-level考试中获4A以上成绩,10名同学获5A以上成绩,5名同学获6 A以上成绩,其中沈同学更是获得了6A*的优异成绩。


AS年级其中一个班级的AICE证书通过率100%, 22名同学获Distinction(卓越)等级,(剑桥考试中心的AICE证书分为Distinction(卓越), Merit(优秀), Pass(合格)三个等级,Distinction为该证书的最高等级)。






新的团队 New Teams

新的一年,Ulink迎来了新的同学和老师,也迎来了全新的House。在接下来的一学年里,各个House中的老师和同学会一起合作,相互竞争。House Coordinator, Flora Sun, 向我们介绍了House的团队。


In the new academic year, we have new teachers and students, also the new houses. In the future, all the house members would work together for competition and progress. Flora Sun, the House Coordinator, introduced the houses.



四个House的House Leader和Captain分别上台,挥舞属于他们house的颜色的旗帜,大声呐喊,表达出他们夺冠的信心。


The House Leaders and Captains of the four house came to the stage and waved the flags in their houses' colors. The house members shouted and screamed to show their confidence of becoming the first after one year.




社团大战 Club Fair


文字:Lei Yao








Ulink Charity Foundation

Ulink Volunteer Association



U-ECHO(electronic music)

Ulink Focus

Ulink Chorus

TuesdayTalk Show

Animation Club

Design Club

Model United Nations

Microfilm Club

Cooking Club

Chess Club

Creative Advertisement Club

Drama Club

Chinese Drama Club

National Music Orchestra Team

Artmoda Wechat Magazine

Korean Culture

DIY Club

Ulink Orchestra

Photography Club

The Ukulele Ensemble




Neuron Science Study Club

Physics Club

Ulink Maths Club


Computer Science Club

Institute of Applied Science


College Guidance Club

The Club of Dreamer AR Technology

Ulink Debate Team

Economy Society

South African Big Five Animal Research & Conservation Volunteer Club



Ulink Boy's Basketball Team

Ulink Girl's Basketball Team

Ulink Boy's Volleyball Team

Ulink Girl's Volleyball Team

Ulink Boy's FootballTeam

Ulink Girl's FootballTeam

Badminton Club

American Football Club

Lacrosse Club


Skateboard Club

Dance Team

Wota(Glowstick Dancing Club)




Ulink Club Fair