This is a letter from your Cambridge alumni. A few years ago, I was just like you guys, I came from Pre Spring. I was also unsure of what I wanted to study, what I wanted to do with my life (I still am). Without further nonsense, here is some advice:

Motivation to study is something a lot of people lack. For me, motivation from within is always greater than motivation from outside (i.e. parents and teachers). I wanted to get good grades, go to a good university, and perhaps have a bright future, not just my parents. You can see, especially in Cambridge, all of the students have self-motivation. Everybody works really hard, completes their coursework and prepares for exams as well as they can without a teacher keeping an eye on them. Self-motivation is a mindset that really pushes you to succeed. If you’re not there yet, don’t worry, self-motivation will come as you grow older. (If you want it to, of course.)


student representative in the graduation ceremony

Now, on tests and stuff. To me, small tests, mid-terms never mattered so much, only the exams that count (i.e CIEs) required my utmost attention. Now, I don’t mean that I won’t study and try my best to take it. I just mean that I won’t get upset if I get a low score. I got quite plenty 60s and 70s in my physics and further maths test scores. However, I would always tell myself that without making those mistakes, I wouldn’t be learning anything from the exam. The more mistakes I make in these tests, the more I’d learn and the fewer mistakes I would make in the big exams. Therefore, it is really important to know where you went wrong in each mistake and make sure you don’t make it again in future exams. You can view the school tests as a learning tool for you, so take full advantage of it. That’s how my grades would get better throughout the year. To conclude this paragraph, always study for a test, but there is no need to be sad about a poor grade, instead learn from your errors.


Some other small advice: One, if you don’t know how to study or make notes, look at a student who does know how to do it well. There is no shame in copying a learning technique, as long as it works for you.

Two, I know this isn’t for everyone, but asking a teacher some questions won’t lose you a limb. I did and I survived. The teachers here at Ulink are one of the friendliest and most patient (the school is not paying me to say this, unfortunately). And, if you have nothing to do, there is no harm in chatting with a teacher.

Anyways, high school in Ulink was probably one of the happiest years of my life (so far), I made great friends, I had wonderful teachers (like David) and I achieved my goal. So, enjoy your time here. Have fun and study hard (you can actually do both you know)! Best of luck to each and every one of you!



这是你们的剑桥学姐来的信。几年前我跟你们一样,从Pre Spring班里开始,我当时也不清楚想要学什么,以后要干什么(说实话,到现在还不是很清楚,哈哈)。好,不多废话,转入正题,给你们一些建议:

很多学生缺少学习的动力。对于我来说,自身的动力比外界给的压力(家长,老师)要重要得太多太多。是我想要好的成绩,我想要考上好的大学然后有个好的未来,不是只是我的父母。 可以看出在剑桥的学生里,大部分都是自己很强的上进心。不需要别人逼着,自己就能很认真的完成作业,复习考试。 想要成功,自我激励是无比重要的。如果你觉得自己还做不到,没关系,慢慢来,只要你肯下工夫。




最后,祝福你们在Ulink的学习顺利,生活愉快。在Ulink上的这几年高中是我至今为止最开心的时期之一,我交到了最好的朋友,碰到了那么多可爱的老师们(比如David), 也考上到了我梦想的大学。我相信你们也可以!!加油!!!