Academic achievements

Academic achievements: Around 600 hundred graduates have graduated from our school ever since it was founded. These students have received more than 2000 admission letters, and 100% of them are admitted by universities abroad and 100% of them passed their Visa application. They went to world-renowned universities like: The University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, London School of Economics and Political Science in UK; Stanford University, Cornell University, Vanderbilt University, University of California-Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University in USA; McGill University, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, The University of British Columbia in Canada; University of Sydney, University of Melbourne in Australia; Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in Switzerland; Hongkong University, Chinese University of Hongkong; Yonsei University in Korean, etc.

Academic achievement: On 23rd September, 2017, 125 students from our school attended Australian Mathematics Competition. Three of these participants(Zhang Haolin, Lin Xi, Qu Xialang)won first prizes, 18 won second prizes, and 46 won third prizes.

March, 2017, AS/A2 students from our school participated in the Chem13 News and Avogadro Chemistry Exam held by Waterloo University and most of them achieved excellent results.

7 candidates from our school ranked Top 110 in the world and Top 10 in our City, and Robert Ma (Ma Mingrui) received full marks and ranked Top1 in the world in the Avogadro Chemistry Competition.

10 candidates from our school got high marks in Chem 13 News Chemistry Exam and ranked top 10 in our city.

4th July, 2017, 60 AS/A2 students participated in the Waterloo Euclid Math Contest. More than 1600 schools and 18000 candidates participated in this competition worldwide. Our school team ranked 36 among all international schools worldwide outside Canada, and 27 of our students ranked above 25% of all participants in the world and was awarded Certificates and Medals.

In 2017, candidates from our school participated in “My World My City” world heritage cup English speech contest. Several students from our school entered the final round and Shi Ruoyan from our school won the champion in the final.

In 2016, candidates from our school participated in “21 century primary and secondary school student national speech contest”. 25 students from our school made it into the final round and Zhang Zhiheng, Yang Molin from our school both won second prize in the provincial final.

In 2017, candidates from our school participated in Goodtalk (Global Village) International Youth Bilingual Speech Competition. 41 students from our school were awarded. 9 of them won first prizes and 12 of them won second prizes.

On 8th, November, 2016, 73 AS students from our school attended the UKMT Intermediate Challenge Math Competition. 19 of them won gold prizes, 25 won Silver Prizes, and 19 won Bronze prizes. 6 of them were promoted to the next round (BMO1) , and Yuan Haocheng, Ruan Jiachen won Certificate of Merit in this final round.

14th April, 2016, 31 G1/Pre students from our school attended Waterloo Hyptia Math Contest. Kim Minwu from our school achieved excellent result of 37 points (out of a total of 40). Chen Xinlu, Lu Mengting, Lin Jiawen, Li Jiasi, Zhang Honghao, Fei Minghao, Yin Yufan, Zhou Xingyu, Su Taotao, Fang Jiaye, Pu Xiaotian, Ruan Shihang all achieved good results above 30 points. Kim Minwu and Chen Xinlu ranked top 100 in the world and our school team ranked 15 among all international schools outside Canada.

4th February, 2016, 35 G1 and Pre students from our school attended UKMT Intermediate Challenge Math Competition and achieved excellent result. 25 students won Gold prizes, 5 won silver prizes and 2 won bronze prizes. 5 students was promoted to IMOK(UKMT IMOK Olympiad), and 2 students ( Lu Mengting, Kim Minwu) won Distinction award and 3 students ( Wu yun, Xu Lujie, Cao Letian) won Merit award.


Academic achievement: 70% of our graduates went to Top 100 universities around the world.


Academic achievement: more than 80% of our students achieve 3As in their A-level exams and 85 students achieved excellent result of 4As, 5As and 6As.