Ulink Sailing Club Final update

The final sailing session of the season concluded on 30 November 2016 with an opportunity for students to prove their metal in a special House Race.

All students had already achieved the American Sailing Association 101 certificateand turned their attention to inter-house competition.

It was a hard-fought contest as students had to negotiate the tricky course in strong winds, about-turning 180 degrees and avoiding clashes with buoys andother boats.

The action was certainly exciting for the students involved and, in truth, all deserved to be called winners.  Sailingis unlike any other race; often one is unsure of one’s position until theklaxon goes off to signify the finish. So the entire Ulink Sailing Club should be proud of themselves. 

Now some students are hoping to continue past ASA 101 to ASA 103 when the springterm comes around.


The results were as follows: 

1st place

Representing Blue:
May Ma, Lynn Mei and Tracy Zhou (G1A); Steven Li and Shadow Kang (Pre D) 


2nd place  

Representing Green, Red and Yellow:
Stephen Shen (G1B); Jason Zhu (G2B); Vanessa Chen and Yuki Zhou (ASUSA); Patrick Liu (G1D)


3rd place

Representing Yellow:
Haylie He, Esther Liu and Ghost Sun (Pre C); Justin Chen and Tyler Yi (G1D) 


Blue House winners (L-R) Shadow, Steven, Tracy, Lynn and May